What it means to us
At RCACI we see the planet as being a lot like a building: you can only be happy if it’s safe and healthy. We all need to make sure that the places where we live, work, and play are and stay safe. This is what defines sustainability for us. It’s an important responsibility, and we challenge ourselves to use resources in the most efficient way to minimize our impact on the planet and keep it healthy and safe.
What RCACI is doing about it
True sustainability requires innovation in all areas, and the best innovations result in benefits not only for us but for everyone. We approach all elements of our business with sustainability in mind. For example, we work to reduce our carbon footprint from coast to coast and install environmental friendly solutions to reduce your carbon footprint.
Our Promise
We will lead the sustainability challenge in construction by example. We will continuously work to minimize our environmental footprint. We will share our achievements for you and the industry to see. We will work with our clients, stakeholders, vendors, and employees to look for sustainable lifestyle options and business solutions.Through our efforts, RCACI contractors will contribute to a thriving planet where people, businesses, and the environment will prosper—like a good building—for years to come.